Hydraulic Riveters

The Grant product line is vast with over 65 different models. From riveters to double-ended chamfering and threading machines, index tables and presses. Our product line includes many time tested forming tools and techniques that have been enhanced with new hard coatings and materials to meet today's demanding level of production. Our experience and knowledge in the riveting industry is unparalleled by anyone. Our processes and machinery have been time tested over the past 100 plus years with great results. We have documented Stanley Tools currently operating the worlds oldest riveting machines in the industry. These machines were manufactured for Stanley Tools by Grant in 1894. Yes, 1894 and still running several shifts a day.

The hydraulic riveter model shown above is from our advanced series product line. This series riveter is backed by our incredible three year warranty. Its made to plug in and simply walk away. The machines are greased for life and operate to a pin point accuracy in depth and in pressure with +/-.0005" depth repeatability.

The hydraulic series power head orbital riveters include a Tempo-sonic transducer with +\- .0005" depth repeatability with full SPC features or Balluff limit switches with a maximum of +/- .0008" depth repeatability without the closed-loop feature. Tempo-sonic closed-loop models include accumulators for  high response and feedback purposes. 

Grant power head and bench designed Hydraulic Multi-process Orbital Riveters are available in six different standard capacities. Rated for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 22mm, 26mm and 38mm diameter in solid mild steel rivets.

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